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Welcome Pilates students!

The k├Ârpermotus studio is a firm believer in giving back to the Pilates community by assisting students through their logbook process to ensure their observation, self-mastery and assistant-teaching hours are marked off and exercises and concepts are understood prior to exams and practical assessments.

We endeavour to help every student, however please understand for the comfort of our clients, instructors and logistics of the studio that we may not be able to help in every case.

Please read on below for some ‘housekeeping’ prior to entering the studio and email Melissa at with any questions and your nominated times.


With the permission of each instructor, we allow up to 2 students to observe per class. Both Clinical and Reformer classes are suitable to all courses as the cues and movements transfer between the equipment and mat apparatus. Motus classes do not qualify for logbook sign-off, however you are welcome to observe to further expose yourself to other teaching and cues.

Please understand that if you ask to observe and only observe, we will be unable to assist you. Sounds firm, yes! We believe it’s a two-way street when it comes to assisting students: we ask if you observe, that you also do class.
This means you give back to the studio, get to immerse yourself in another style and studio culture, work the verbal and tactile cues you would have seen and heard, and continue with your self-mastery (because it shouldn’t stop at your logbook hours!).
We don’t however expect you to do a class for every class that is observed; a balance is all we ask.
Please consider giving back to other studios that you also observe at – we’re all a part of a small but passionate industry, and the more we network together the nicer and productive it is. Plus more employment opportunities!

We may not be able to offer observation (and self-mastery and assistant teaching) back to back during the morning or afternoon sessions. Please understand that things can change last minute.

As students we, and other studios, expect to see a level of initiative and motivation. If we can only offer an hour at times, we’d hope you’d chase every opportunity to get any extra hours under your belt. We will not tolerate continuous late-notice cancellations of observation and assistant-teaching for obvious reasons.

During your hour we ask that you be present for that hour; take notes, write down any questions you wish to ask later and question if you’d do things the way we do. We want you to work your clinical reasoning as opposed to being rope-learners straight out of the book. We want to know that all students are ready to adapt and challenge what is happening around them.

Please arrive before class start time so you can introduce yourself to the instructor and find a spot out of the way of the clients.

Assistant teaching

Yes, we want to help! But we need to get to know you.
We recommend sticking to the same sessions with observations so that you become familiar with the instructor and the clients that attend. After at least 5 observations of the same classes, you can then discuss assistant teaching avenues with that instructor to start to build on your hours.
We usually start with tactile cueing and set-up + assistance with clients, then build on from there. Please respect that we reserve the right to cease assistant teaching at any time without any explanation.


In addition to attending our classes, we are happy to organise a session with a group of students to assist in logbook hours and further understanding of exercises and any other discussions you wish to have.

Email to nominate preferred times, session length and how many students and we can book that in and confirm pricing.

Workshops + Courses

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