Our Team


  • Melissa (Director)
  • Bachelor of Dance Performance
  • Diploma of Polestar Pilates Studio & Rehabilitation Method
  • CrossFit L1
  • CrossFit L2
  • Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services
  • Pilates Alliance Australasia Full Member
  • Currently a Mentor-in-training for Polestar Pilates

Originally from Canberra, Melissa began dancing at the age of 3 before she moved to Adelaide to pursue her study in dance, completing her Bachelor in Dance Performance in 2008. The anatomy and kinesiology components of the course particularly appealed to Melissa, which aided in further understanding of the body.
Unfortunately, a pelvic injury was the deciding factor in not pursuing a dance career, so she followed her creative side and accrued a Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services.

Her continuous Pilates attendance has facilitated her in the many hours of dance training from her teens, maintaining her technique to help prevent, rehabilitate and reduce further injuries.

With her Level 1 and Level 2 in CrossFit, Melissa emphasises the importance of the Pilates method and its ability to successfully emphasise core activation, breathing, mobilisation and strengthening of the body within all physical activities and general daily life.



  • Diploma of Polestar Pilates Studio & Rehabilitation Method
  • Pilates Alliance Australasia Full Member
  • Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher (RAD:RTS)
  • Currently a Mentor-in-training for Polestar Pilates

Emma previously trained in classical ballet as both a performer and teacher. Throughout her training she has gained her registered teachers status (RAD:RTS) through the Royal Academy of Dance, worked as a tutor for the Academy’s teacher training program and was accepted to study at the Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest. Having decided that her passion lies in medicine and science related to injury prevention and health management in dance, she returned from Europe to pursue a career in physiotherapy.
She is now entering her final year of study at UniSA and has gained a Diploma of Rehabilitation Pilates through Polestar Pilates International.



  • Diploma of Clinical Pilates by Breathe Education
  • Certificate IV in Pilates by Breathe Education (mat and reformer group teaching)

Dee began gymnastics training and dancing in the early years of primary school but this was interrupted after a couple of years due to kidney sensitivity to strenuous activity. In her teenage years she developed interest in design and architecture which led her to pursue a career in this field. A busy career and lifestyle led her to a very sedentary lifestyle and after a number of years this led to a back injury just from doing general life activities.
She started regular Pilates classes to manage her back pain and to regain her body strength, physically and mentally. After only 3 sessions she decided that this was something she had to explore further. She enrolled into a Pilates course with Breathe Education thinking that it would give her basics to understand her body better and to help herself. Soon she realised that the course was giving her not only that but a totally new understanding and perspective of the human body and its physical and mental state.
Just by sharing her newly discovered passion with friends and family she realised she was suddenly able to help them as well.
During her Pilates course she met and worked with other Pilates teachers emphasising the importance and application of the Pilates method into everyday life and physical activity.
She is passionate about challenging clients and helping them achieve their long term goals. She believes that Pilates is the perfect exercise for everyone because it can be modified to suit the goals and needs of each individual.



  • Diploma of Clinical Pilates by Breathe Education
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • Currently undertaking post-graduate research in pain science

Kim has always been active and fell in love with the world of movement and fitness from a young age. She initially started Pilates as a way to support an active lifestyle, and immediately fell in love. Pilates has transformed her understanding of her own body and has been the foundation for a body that moves well and feels great. She has dabbled in various training modalities, and also has a keen interest in running, yoga and strength training.

Kim completed her Pilates training with Breathe Education and has been teaching in clinical and studio environments since 2016. She is also an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and is currently doing post-graduate research in pain science.

Kim’s love of Pilates is matched by her love of teaching. Nothing is more rewarding than helping people find a better experience of their bodies through movement – from pain management to performance, and everything in between. Kim finds believes Pilates is a fantastic way to build the foundations of a body that moves well, feels good and is able to keep up with the demands of life – whatever they may be for the individual.