Reformer Pilates

How Your Body Can Benefit from Reformer Pilates

3 for $50 Reformer Classes
Whether you are new to Pilates or have loved it for years, our studio can help you get the most out of your workouts with our experienced, professional and friendly instructors. We offer two dedicated styles of Pilates classes as well as our signature Motus class (pilates blended with strength and cardio). These are all small classes so we can tailor or adjust the workouts to you. You can request a semi-private Pilates session or have a one-on-one private session with a trained instructor outside of our classes on offer.

Benefits of Our Reformer Pilates in Adelaide

  • There are a wide range of benefits to reformer Pilates, such as:
  • Improved posture: You can improve your spinal alignment and posture during your reformer Pilates sessions. This result is due to the position of your body and the strengthening of your muscles which provides spinal support and stability. With increased muscle strength, you can also decrease the risk of injury to your lower back and neck.
  • Increase flexibility: Reformer Pilates will move your muscles through a full range of motion which can increase your flexibility. As your muscles become more flexible, they contract more efficiently and therefore will reduce the strain and stress on your joints. This improvement can reduce muscle and joint stiffness, soreness and injury.
  • Improved breathing: Our Pilates instructors will help you to be mindful of your breathing during workouts and guide you to learn proper inhale and exhale techniques. Your breaths will become deeper and less frequent, which can help to improve relaxation, increase lung capacity and efficient breathing. This technique will help to supply your body with more oxygen and, therefore, can increase your energy level during a workout. Our clients often notice a reduction in stress from work and daily life with efficient breathing.

What Sets körpermotus Pilates Apart Regarding Group Pilates

At körpermotus Pilates, we offer a range of Pilates classes including clinical Pilates and reformer Pilates, as well as Motus which is a mixture of Pilates, cardio, and strength, all with small class sizes to ensure that you get the personal attention you need to perform the exercises correctly and get the most benefit from your classes.

  • We have small classes: You can benefit from our small classes as we can tailor or scale most exercises to your skill level. Our classes last for one hour, which is cost-effective, and you get a quality workout from experienced instructors.
  • We have experienced instructors: Our instructors have broad movement backgrounds such as dancing, physiotherapy and exercise physiology; however, they all have a minimum Diploma qualification or equivalent in Pilates. They are committed to providing safe, effective and quality Pilates classes.
  • Our studio offers Motus Classes: We are the only studio in Adelaide that offers Motus classes. These classes have a maximum of eight people per class and are an hour long. This class is a high-intensity interval training workout with a mixture of mat Pilates, cardio, TRX and weights. We can scale these classes to your fitness level, which means we can cater for all levels within the one class.

About körpermotus Pilates

We provide a quality service with small group classes so you can get more tuition and guidance from our experienced instructors. Our studio welcomes all ages, levels of fitness and genders with most Pilates workouts tailored to you. Our team of professionals are qualified Pilates instructors and ensure to help you get the most out of your workouts with an initial introduction session. This approach is to ensure that we are aware of any injuries, pathologies and conditions, and to determine your goals. Contact us today or book a class on our easy to use app.