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Clinical Pilates is our tailored class that allows us to work around your current condition or just focus on improving and strengthening parts of the body. We have a fundamental focus on core stability, posture, balance, strength, flexibility, control and breathing, as well as tailoring to your needs.
Our clinical classes are often used to help treat a variety of injuries and conditions as well as pregnant (prenatal) and postnatal women.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates in Adelaide

If you’ve ever suffered an injury, particularly one that required surgery or a lengthy recovery process, then you know how hard it can be to get your body back to an optimal state of functioning. Here are some of the benefits of clinical Pilates for back pain or other conditions or injuries.

  • Injury prevention: Clinical Pilates can not only help you recover from an injury, but it can also help prevent future injuries. That’s because people who have poor posture or muscular imbalances or lack muscular support are more vulnerable to injuries. Clinical Pilates can address these issues and help make you more resistant to getting hurt.
  • Pain reduction: If you are dealing with chronic neck or back pain, clinical Pilates can target these areas and strengthen any weak muscles that may be contributing to the problem. It can also relieve tension through stretching in areas that are tight and sore.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth preparation: Clinical Pilates is excellent for women who are planning to have babies. When you are pregnant, your body has specific limitations and needs regarding physical activity. Prenatal programming in our clinical Pilates classes can provide a safe and effective workout designed to help you stay healthy and active while keeping yourself and your baby safe.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Clinical Pilates Classes

Before you try your first Pilates class, you should know that most people who try it get hooked. Pilates can make you feel stronger, lighter, healthier, taller, and more balanced – a feeling you’ll want to maintain. Here are some tips for getting the most value out of your clinical Pilates classes.

  • Dress the part: Form-fitting (but comfortable) clothing will help you move more freely and also allow your instructor to see how your body moves and offer corrections. You’ll also need a good pair of grip socks, which we sell at the studio.
    After your introduction session try a few private classes first: If possible, consider taking a few private lessons before joining a group class. This privacy offers the best way to learn the movement and ensure that you’re using proper form, and that your instructor gets to know you and your limitations. If private classes aren’t an option, small group classes are also great for learning.
    Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications: Almost all Pilates movements (and all exercises, for that matter) can be modified to suit beginners or people with injuries. If a particular exercise hurts or is too difficult, tell your instructor. Also, ask if you have a question about how to perform a movement, what a word means, or anything else.

Related Services We Provide to Rehab Pilates

At körpermotus Pilates, we offer a range of Pilates classes to cater to a wide variety of needs and fitness levels. Whether you want to take Pilates for flexibility, strength, or recovery, we can help. Our offerings include:

  • Clinical Pilates: Our clinical Pilates classes are tailored to your needs. We recommend these classes for anyone who is new to Pilates, has an injury or is pre/post-natal. We offer private and semi-private sessions as well as small group classes capped at five participants.
  • Reformer Pilates. A fast-paced, dynamic class that’s great for overall conditioning and general body maintenance. We recommend starting with clinical Pilates before attending Reformer if this is your first experience with Pilates or if you’ve been away for a while.
  • Motus. Motus is a modern take on fitness that combines Pilates, cardio, TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls and small equipment for maximum results. This class works best in conjunction with our Pilates classes to work your body from every angle.

About körpermotus Pilates

At körpermotus Pilates, we take Pilates a step further with three different types of Pilates for core strength and other benefits, small class sizes, and assessments to help you learn the basics to build a solid foundation for fitness. We cater to people of all ages and fitness levels, from beginners through elite athletes. We are also the only gym or studio in Adelaide offering Motus. We’d love to help you achieve your health and fitness goals – contact us today to learn more.