Pilates for Cardio

Join Our Pilates for a Cardio Workout

For an intense workout that can increase your cardio, we offer Motus classes. As the only studio in Adelaide that provides this style of Pilates blended with a cardio workout, our instructors have extensive experience, and we keep our classes small so you can get more value out of your workout. We take a holistic approach to fitness, and you can scale our workouts to your skill level.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Fitness Pilates

Consider these tips for getting more value out of your Pilates workout.
Find a pace that increases your heart rate: Our Motus classes are high-intensity training sessions that combines mat Pilates with cardio and weights, so you are sure to work up a bit of sweat and raise your heart rate. While you can scale these classes to your fitness level, our instructors will help you find a pace that can challenge your body and improve your fitness.

  • Be consistent: If you want to improve your fitness, then try to avoid becoming complacent with your workouts. Set a schedule that ensures you are doing a Motus class consistently and practising your moves. This approach will help you to find your pace quicker and give you a cardio workout regularly.
  • Concentrate on your breathing: Taking short breaks during your Motus sessions is also an essential aspect of cardio fitness. We want you build up a sweat, but we also want you to be able to last during the session! Keep your session challenging by pushing yourself but staying within your limits. Let regular attendance help build up your strength and cardio capacity.

Related Services We Provide to Fitness Pilates Classes

Our experienced instructors provide quality services, including:

  • 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 sessions: If you require personalised classes, we offer private and semi-private sessions. We can help you with fitness, rehabilitation or use Pilates for balance and toning. Our 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 sessions are suitable for a wide age and fitness range.
  • Clinical Pilates: Our clinical classes are ideal for people with a condition, musculoskeletal and sports injuries, wish to tailor specific parts of the body for sports and prenatal and postnatal women. These classes can be tailored to your ability and fitness, and we allow a maximum of five people to ensure quality one-hour sessions. Before attending clinical Pilates, you will need to book and undertake an introductory 1 on 1 session for an assessment and to ensure you understand the basics of Pilates.
  • Reformer Pilates: This class has a fun group setting where everyone does the same movements, yet our small numbers ensure that you receive individual attention throughout the exercises. We take a whole-body workout approach to our reformer Pilates classes

Why Trust k├Ârpermotus Pilates Regarding HIIT Pilates?

Our instructors have extensive broad movement backgrounds that include dance degrees, CrossFit, physiotherapy and exercise physiology. We provide one-hour classes with small groups to ensure that each attendee receives a quality workout that is tailored to their fitness level. Our studio prepares you for classes with a one-on-one Pilates introduction if required to establish your fitness level and provide you with an understanding of how our exercises work. Contact us today to book a Pilates fitness class.