Pilates Adelaide

What You Need to Know About Pilates in Adelaide

Our Pilates in Adelaide caters to a wide range of ages and fitness abilities. We can help you strengthen and tone your body, accommodate injuries and assist prenatal and post-natal women with our various classes. Our qualified and experienced instructors offer small group and private classes which include clinical, reformer and Motus Pilates in our Unley studio.

What You Should Know About Pilates Classes in Adelaide

If you are new to Pilates training in Adelaide, here are a few things you should know.

  • There are different kinds of Pilates classes: Clinical Pilates classes use all the Pilates equipment (reformer, trap table, chair, ladder barrel, mat and small apparatus) and is an individually tailored class. Reformer Pilates is a group class that uses the reformer beds that have a sliding platform.
    Ensure that you are aware of what workout you will be doing before signing up for a class. We also offer Motus classes which uses a mixture of mat Pilates, cardio and weight training.
  • You will likely have sore muscles the next day: Pilates focuses on controlled body movements and correct form rather than repetitive high-intensity exercises; however, your muscles will still get a decent workout. You will work a wide range of muscle groups and may be sore during or after your session as they recover. Our instructors can help you to scale your workouts to avoid extreme soreness.
  • Wear form-fitting workout clothes: Wearing form-fitting workout gear to your Pilates classes will prevent your clothes from getting caught in any equipment, and it can help your instructor see your movements more clearly. This way they can provide professional advice to ensure that you are using the best form for each movement.

The Importance of Studio Pilates in Adelaide

Pilates can help a large range of people due to the following benefits.

  • It is adaptable to many fitness levels: The Pilates movement repertoire applies to a range of people from the elderly to the elite athlete. There are numerous Pilates exercises and modifications, which means that we can tailor your workout to your ability level.
  • You can build strength without bulk: Pilates helps to improve muscle tone that is long and lean rather than big and bulky. You achieve this result by using eccentric muscle contraction as you carry out the various exercises.
  • You can improve your flexibility and posture: With constant repetition of the exercises, Pilates can help you increase the length and stretch of your muscles and the range of motion within your joints, therefore, improving your flexibility. Your posture will also improve with proper alignment and strong core and spinal muscles.

About k├Ârpermotus Pilates

Our studio accommodates all ages, genders and fitness levels as well as helping those with an injury or condition. We have a team of skilled and experienced instructors who have a broad movement background and qualification in Pilates. Our Pilates studio classes are cost-effective; our classes are small and last for an hour, and we offer 1:1 and 2:1 sessions to ensure that each participant receives quality service and can tailor their workout when necessary. Contact us today to book your introductory session.